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Special Projects

The Edge – Studio Quality Film

Rabbi Seltzer writes, “Years ago when I wrote my first novel The Edge, I visualized the scenes as I wrote them using locations that I loved and knew well from all around Eretz Yisroel. Fast forward fifteen years and I found myself working with a talented young director named Reb Boruch Perlowitz, who would help me produce the film version of The Edge. Producing the movie was an extremely interesting experience, especially since we went back to film in many of the very places I had had in mind when writing many years before. Responses to the film have been overwhelmingly positive and we are gratified to have been given the chance to bring make this beloved book come alive.”

Trailer Version 1

Trailer Version 2


Shira Chadasha Boys Choir was formed close to fifteen years ago. With over a thousand alumni (many of them currently learning in the best yeshivos in Eretz Yisroel) the choir has served as a positive influence on the lives of many young men. With a stress on the importance of Torah in our lives, I have tried to guide and to serve as a role model for these boys, and Boruch Hashem have seen much nachas from how they have been turning out. The choir has recorded five albums of its own and has been featured on numerous albums of other singers. They have performed all over the country as well as abroad.


The Story Experience

The Story Experience was produced in conjunction with Reb Shimmy Shtauber – a world class voice impersonator and talent. I cannot tell you the amount of times people have approached me to thank me for helping to turn their hours of traveling on the road into something Torah’dike and enjoyable. With a truly talented cast, incredible sound effects and hilarious moments, The Story Experience is truly one of a kind entertainment.


If you haven’t heard of Shimmy Shtauber yet, it’s about time you did. Shimmy is a shpitz entertainer and master impersonator – a world class impressionist and voice imitator. He specialty is imitating top Jewish singers. Now however, he brings us something else. For this project, he teamed up with the one and only Rabbi Nachman Seltzer of Shira Chadasha Boys Choir fame.
This is a music site. So that’s why I mention “Shira Chadasha” fame. However, thousands know Rabbi Seltzer from his fabulous stories that appear in Hamodia Inyan magazine as well as his first-class novels and his “It Could Have Been You” series of books. He collects fascinating true stories and commits them to writing and produces masterpieces that you can’t put down. If you want to know the feeling of learning 8 hours beretzifus just pick up the book and you won’t be able to put it down for 8 hours!
Now what happens if our masmid needs to drive from New York to Toronto for example and can’t sit down to his favourite book? The answer is a “Link” between Rabbi Nachman Seltzer and Shimmy Shtauber. The combination is as explosive as dynamite!
Shimmy decided to transform Rabbi Seltzer’s literary genius into audio.
But it’s not stam an audiobook. It’s a professional production of Rabbi Seltzer’s stories with such vivid details that you can mammesh feel as if you are living the stories. First you have Rabbi Seltzer himself showing that he is also a master narrator as he begins the stories with his narration that is very articulate and piques interest to listen to what’s going to happen next.

The music on the album is taken from his geshmake Shira Chadasha albums.

So even if you are dead tired as you swing on to the highway you won’t need caffeine to keep you going because these exciting and action-packed stories won’t let you get distracted for a minute. It is truly “A Story Experience”. Ath the end of each story, he finishes with an inspiring lesson you can take from it. (So then you are takeh learning beretzifus when you can grow spiritually from hearing the stories!)
I speak to you from personal experience. Driving on a Motzei Shabbos from New Jersey to Boro Park with my family, the little ones were restless and cranky. When I just turned on the The Story Experience”, in no time they were captivated and mesmerized by the amazing plot and passion from the stories, actors, music and sound effects.
The first story “Payback Time” is about 2 Bochurim in Lakewood, and when you hear the story and close your eyes, you are literally transported to Lakewood. Everything from the dorm matzav, to the Beis Midrash hock, to the hitch to Clifton Avenue! I don’t want to give away the story, but one scene takes place in the Torah Treasures seforim store, and if you imagine that you’re listening to the real owner talking behind the counter, that’s because you are! (In this case, it’s really him – not an imitation!) In fact, that entire scene was actually recorded live in the store! How’s that for a real sounding story!

Another story “The Road Trip” describes a family going to Eretz Yisroel for Sukkos and you hear all the sounds from the airport, flight, taxi, and the Yerushalayim Yom Tov atmosphere including shouts of an Arba Minim vendor shouting “Koishiklach finev Sheikel!” It feels sooo real!
Incidentally, that story has a guest star – my sixth grade Rebbi, R’ Shloime Moddel. Anyone who learned in Yesodei Hatorah in Toronto knows him as the most geshmake and talented Rebbi around. His storytelling and art was legendary. He used to act out stories and make us feel we were there. We were ultra-motivated to be good, because then we would get rewarded with a chapter of Marcus Lehmann’s “Reb Joselman from Rosheim.”

And so it is throughout the 75 minute album. The reality, sounds, voice acting and music is incredible. It is truly unlike any story album I’ve heard to date. It also features a variety of guest stars, including Kuppy Elbogen, Shlomo Hadarshan, Elchanan Schwartz, Nachman Seltzer, and of course, Shimmy Shtauber himself. (And many more.)

There is also an amazing tribute to the late Reb Shmuel Kunda a”h – a tremendous actor in his own right who inspired thousands of children worldwide. The tribute was written by Rabbi Nachman Seltzer and features Shimmy Shtauber impersonating many of Rabbi Kunda’s famous characters.

Want some good laughs? There is a track full of some really geshmake bloopers that will keep you rolling for a long, long time.

Need I say more? What are you waiting for? Check it out yourself! Its only $9.99 ($7.99 for download), and it’s worth every penny and more!



Featuring Yehuda Solomon & Eli Nathan of Destiny fame. Lyrics by Rabbi Nachman Seltzer. Arranged & Produced by: Jeff Horvitch.


Visions. There are so many visions, so many ways of seeing each and every action that we take, everything that happens to us. Our vision affects the way we focus on every single aspect and event in our lives. Our visions are with us every step of the way. They are a part of us, a connection guiding us and keeping us strong through thick and thin. Vision equals imagination, the beauty and pain that we see or feel, the sweetness of a baby’s smile, the tenderness a rebbi feels for a precious talmid.

“Visions” seeks to capture the essence of just a moment in the imagination of every one of us. We experience the conflicts that face two brothers and how they resolve those conflicts to the best of their abilities. We can envision the sheer pain of a Zeide to the future of his grandchild and join him as he embarks on a mission to save him using the only weapons at his disposal.

We can clearly see that prayer is the sole way off the stormy island we find ourselves stranded on, and we share in the vision of an anguished father begging for the life of his first child as the sun sets and Shabbos begins. We visualize our nation and how rainbow like it is, colors from every spectrum of the universe, and the glory of the first moments in the creation of the world.

We see a vision of the days we know are almost here, the days when the grandest of shofar blasts will shatter the desert silence with never ending sound and we join in the visions of a little boy as he attempts to understand why the answer from above is sometimes yes but other times no. We envision the humorous aspects of shidduchim and the poignancy of a mothers feelings at candle lighting time. All these ideas, stories and concepts are visions in one way or another. It remains for us to focus into our imagination, our visions and see the amazing world that lies within.

Creating visions, has been a moving and beautiful experience for all those involved as we watched ideas which had previously been sheer imagination, develop into something much greater than that. We watched them become Visions.